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Mihran (मिहरान) is the name of a River in Sindh province of Pakistan.

Jat clans

  • Meel - The inhabitants of place called Mihran (मिहरान) were known as Meel. [1]


Sir H. M. Elliot[2] writes that the River Mihrán of Sind comes from well-known sources in the highlands of Sind, from the country belonging to Kanauj in the kingdom of Bauüra, and from Kashmír, Kandahár, and Táfan; and at length, running into Múltán, it receives the name of the Mihrán of gold, just as Múltán means boundary of gold.

Sir H. M. Elliot[3]Ibn Haukal says, Debal is a "large port on the shore of the sea, the emporium of this and the neighbouring regions. It lies to the west of the Mihrán,1 and has no large trees or date-palms" (p. 37). It is indeed a place of great sterility, and only occupied on account of its trade.

The river Mihrán takes its course through the country of Mansúra, and falls near Debal into the Indian ocean. In the bays of this sea there are many crocodiles, as in the bay of Sindábúr in the kingdom of Bághara, in India.[4]

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