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Ugrakheri (उग्रखेड़ी) is a big village in Panipat district in Haryana.


It is situated 3 KM away from Panipat on Panipat-Sanoli road.

Jat gotras


About 10,000.


काला आम स्थल, उग्रखेड़ी

The village is known to be in the land of famous three battles of Panipat. The historic place has been known as KALA AMB, The battles of Panipat Memorial. Haryana Tourism have developed the area a Tourist complex with an artificial lake in the complex. One of the richest village in Haryana since British Empire.

Notable persons and their contribution

Ugrakheri is known for its remarkable contribution in Kabaddi and volleyball. At times it has happened that all tha players in Haryana Kabaddi Team is from this village only. Few of the famous players very well known in Haryana are Ch. Risal singh, Ch. Raghubir Singh, Rambir, Pradeep, Paramjeet, Sheetal, Jugpal, Satpal, Ramesh( all kabaddi players repersented Haryana), Ajeet Singh, Gulab, Yashbir(volleyball).


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