Mishri Lal Dia

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Mishri Lal Dia

Mishri Lal Dia (मिश्रीलाल दिया) is an RAS officer from Ajmer district. He is one of the most recognized personality in Jats in Rajasthan. He belongs to Ajmer. This information was provided by his grandson Mahendra Dia. [1]


He served for Rajasthan Administrative Service (RAS). He is the first RAS officer after independence (1947) for the State of Ajmer Merwara (now Ajmer is district in Rajasthan state).


Mishri Lal Dia was married to younger daughter of Kishan Lal Bana (चौधरी किशनलाल बाना), from Garhi Thoriyan (गढ़ी थोरीयान), Beawar, Ajmer, who was a Social worker in Ajmer, Rajasthan.[2]

Social Service

Mishri Lal Dia was also a president of Jat Temple (mandir), Pushkar and he actively participated in development and management of Jat Hostels in Ajmer district.

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