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Mitraon (मित्राऊँ) or Mitrau (मित्राऊ) village is located near Najafgarh town in west Delhi. Due to its vast agricultural lands, the village has gained high standard of living because of attractive selling prices of agricultural products like food-grains and vegetables.

Jat Gotras


Gahlawat and Gahlot are same gotras.

The village Mitraon is dominated by Gahlawat clan Jats. Village Farmana in Sonipat district is considered as the centre of Gahlawats. The Gahlawat people of Mitraon believe that they migrated from Farmana and settled at Mitraon and Kakrola. Some people came from Rajasthan. Local MLA Kailash Mitrau is from Mitraon village. [2]

Famous Arya Samajist Chaudhari Ishwar Singh was originally from Kakrola. He spent most of time in educating people from Farmana. His grandson Kulbeer Singh Gahlot has a good business. Some of his family members live in Canada. Prof Jagdish Kumar Gehlawat of Jat Jyoti did his High School from Farmana and he gives credit to Chaudhari Ishwar Singh for his progress. [3]

Notable persons

  • Kailash Mitrau: Local MLA Kailash Mitrau is from this village.
  • Jagdish Chadra Gahlot - Retd from Delhi State cooperative Bank in 1995. Ph. 011-28010254 [4]
  • Sandeep Kumar Payal: IRS (C&CE) 2016, From Jhunjhunu, Rajasthan, M: 9999980560.

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