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Late Ch. Mitter Sen

Chaudhary Mitter Sen (Sindhu), also known as Mitter Sen Arya (b: 15-12-1931, d: 27-1-2011), was a renowned businessman, social worker, entrepreneur and Arya Samajist. He was born in Khanda Kheri village in Hansi tahsil of Hisar district in Haryana.

His father, Ch. Shish Ram was a humble farmer, with a hobby to sing songs, who also rendered his services for spread of Arya Samaj.

In his early part of life, Ch. Mitter Sen learnt the operation of a borewell machine at a workshop at Rohtak. In 1949, he also worked in Atlas Cycle Factory at Sonipat, Haryana. For some time, he also worked at an electricity power grid at Rohtak. During Hindi Satyagraha agitation launched by Arya Samaj in 1957, he was arrested and released on 28 September 1957.

Ch. Mitter Sen set up some industrial plants in Bihar and Orissa. One was called 'Haryana Engineering Works' in Singhbhoom, Bihar. In 1965, he also set up "Sindhu Engineering Works' plant in Keonjhar, Orissa. He also got big contracts from Tata Iron & Steel Co. and Orissa Mining Corporation Ltd. Other areas of his business included steel plant, thermal power plant, cement, finance and stock broking, agriculture farms etc.

Ch. Mittersen breathed his last on 27 January 2011 at Gangaram Hospital, New Delhi.


इस प्रकार उड़ीसा, छत्तीसगढ़, बिहार एवं मध्यप्रदेश सहित अनेक प्रदेशों में उद्योग, खनन, ट्रांसपोर्ट, कोलवाशरी, आयरन, मैगनीज आदि औद्योगिक ईकाइयां स्थापित की, जिन्हें विकसित करने में इनके सुयोग्य ज्येष्ठ सुपुत्र कैप्टन रुद्रसेन जी की अहम भूमिका रही। कैप्टन रुद्रसेन जी का शुभसंकल्प, कर्मशक्ति और अनुशासन बहुत उन्नत है। इनके छोटे भाई वीरसेन, व्रतपाल, कैप्टन अभिमन्यु, मेजर सत्यपाल, श्री देवसुमन इन उद्योगों की स्थापना तथा विकास में अपने पिता जी के साथ एवं अपने ज्येष्ठ भ्राता कैप्टन रुद्रसेन के आदेशानुसार कन्धे से कन्धा मिला कर सहयोग करते थे।[1]

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