Mohinder Singh Kadian

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Mohinder Singh Kadian is a retired Tehsildar from Haryana. He is the first prominent revenue officer in the Beri constituency and in Kadian khap who got selected as Naib Tehsildar in the year 1976. He organized the Haryana Tehsildar-Naib Tehsildar Revenue Officers Association headquartered at Rohtak for the welfare of all the revenue officers of the state. He remained the General Secretary and President of this association for more then 10 yrs and during his tenure he achieved a good success for creation of a new cadre post of District Revenue Officer (DRO) in the office of Deputy Commissioner in the state equivalent in status to an officer of HCS cadre. He was a member of Rao Ram Narayan revenue reforms committee and studied the land revenue system of six neighbouring states of Haryana.

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