Mohit Ahlawat

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Mohit Ahlawat (मोहित अहलावत) Biography

Mohit Ahlawat

This Jat from Panipat, Haryana, was seen in the Stereo Nation video ‘Laila’ about three years ago. Then he was spotted by Ram Gopal Varma and got a break in his film ‘James’. After James followed another Ram Gopal Verma's directorial venture Shiva which was not a good news on box office. Nowadays Mohit is working on his upcoming film- Loot.

The 27-year old Ahlawat has what it takes to make it to the tinsel town – good looks, well-toned physique, 6-feet plus height, brooding intensity, swagger and little bit of attitude. He is a black belt in Karate and his daily routine includes two-hour workout at gym.

Ahlawat is a religious person, performs pooja twice a day and wears diamond, neelam and panna rings on his right hand.

He is also a gadget junkie. He likes to change his mobile handset every month. He also has three pet dogs.

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