Mustafabad Muzaffarnagar

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Mustafa Bad (मुस्तफाबाद) is the village of Muzaffarnagar and near about 3 kilometer from Muzaffarnagar Situated on Muzaffarnagar Bypass (NH-58) and beside of Pachenda Kalan.

Sugercane, Wheat and Rice are the main corps of Mustafa Bad. 30% of population of the village are Jats. Near about 5 thousand people population live in Mustafa Bad. Interestingly, here a mix of jat gotras are found.


You can easily find the sign of Old British Empire in this village. Some old temples show its rich cultural heritage. It's only 25 KM away from The Holy River Ganga. Nowadays, it's turned into educational hub of Muzaffarnagar. Many educational institute and Paper industry are running successfully around this village. You can see the prosperity of this village in terms of standard of living, industrialization and urbanization. Jats of this village are enjoying property boom because of Delhi-Dehradun Highway (NH-58). You can say this is an Ideal village which truly justify the Incredible India theme.

Jat Gotras

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