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Nagla Chhatti (नगला छटी) is village in Sadabad tahsil of Mahamaya Nagar (Hathras) district in Uttar Pradesh. Pin:281302,P.O.Bisawar.


Village is situated near Sadabad - Baldeo Mathura road, Villages in the East Tasinga, North Garhi Gumani, West Bisawar and south Pachhavari.


Nagla chhatti is well known for jat land from ancestors. The name of village taken from oldest man namely chhatti baba. Farming and silver payal is the main occupations of the people's of this village

The famous personalities and honest men of this village are rakesh mukesh chandi wale.

Jat Gotras


Notable Persons

  • Dr.Omvir Singh Chaudhary , Village Nagla Chhatti, Mob:09927404483

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