Nalh Raja

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Nalh Raja was Bijarnia clan ruler of Khandelawati in Rajasthan.


Bhanwar Lal Bijarnia at Sarnau-Kot, Ladhana Fort is seen behind him

Thakur Deshraj[1] writes that Vijayrania people are found in Rajasthan and Haryana in India. The existence of this clan is known from the time of invasion of Alexander the Great [c.326 BC]. Greek historians have clarified about the meaning of Vijayrania. Vijayrania is derived from Vijay (Victory) + Ran (War). Varetatae people of Greek language, mentioned by Megasthenes, were the same people as Vijayrania in Hindi. Megasthenes has mentioned in Indica about them that their king did not keep elephant but trusted entirely to their horses and foot. In Khandelawati the remnants of their fort and stable for horses are still present.This clan people had struggled a lot for their victory during those times. They have been found in Jaipur region since ancient times. They had a war with Altmus. They rebelled against Muslims many times.

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