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Narela (नरेला) is a vast village in North-west of Delhi which has now gained the status of a fulfledged district within the Union Territory of Delhi. It has a railway station in its name. Its original name is Nanera (ननेरा) and local people still call it with this name.

Jat gotras

  • Khatri: Basically, it was a village of Khatri[1] gotra Jats but now many other gotra families may be residing in its proximity, due to rapid urbanisation.
  • Malik


Notable persons

  • Swami Omanand Sarswati (1910 - 2003) (स्वामी ओमानन्द सरस्वती) was a freedom fighter, educationist, historian and a social worker from Haryana in India. He was born in March 1910 in village ‘Narela’ near Delhi. He was only son of his father. His father was Chaudhari Kanak Singh, of 'Khatri' gotra.
  • Himanshu Khatri: IRS C&CE 2014 batch, presently under training, From Narela, Delhi, M: 9818323839

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