Narendra Singh Rana

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Narendra Singh Rana

Narendra Singh Rana (Subedar)(12.12.1955-6.8.1999) - From Ghosipura, Morar, Gwalior, Martyr of Kargil War, Martyrdom 6.8.1999.

His family

He was born on 12.12.1955 in the family of Birbal Singh Rana and Smt Gomati Devi of Ghasipura Morar in Gwalior. He joined Army in 1976.He was married to Smt Shashi Devi in year 1976. He has one son Virendra Singh Rana who is presently in M.P. Police. His first wife died on 18.9.1984so heagain married with smt Yashodha Devi on 16.5.1984 from whom he has two sons Mrigendra Singh and Dhirendra Singh.

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