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Nirjitavarman was an Utpal clan ruler of Kashmir in 921 AD. [1] He was father of Partha. He was King of Kashmir 907 and 923–924, deposed or abdicated 907, restored 923, died 924

Genealogy of Utpala dynasty

The Genealogy of Utpala dynasty is: Utpalaka or UtpalaSukhavarmanAvantivarman (855) → Shankaravarman (A.D. 883 to 901) → Raja Parth (S/O Nirjjitavarmma) → Unmattavanti (937 AD) (S/O Partha) → Gopalavarman (S/O Shankaravarman)


Rajatarangini[2] tells Partha, son of Nirjjitavarmma, a boy of ten years was made king and Sugandha was expelled out of the country and was afterwards murdered in a deserted Buddhist Vihara. Anarchy now prevailed, and life and property became insecure.


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