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Naswana(नसवाना) or Nissowana is a Muslim Jat clan found in Pakistan.


Jat Gotras Namesake


Sub Divisions Khokhar gotra

There are several sub-divisions of the Khokhar gotra , such as the Bandial, Bhachar, Dholka, Ganjial, Jalap, Majoka, Nissowana, Rawal, and Denaar (in muslim). According to H.A. Rose[2] Jat clans derived from Khokhar are: Bohla and Khokhar Haral, Ajra, Bhalu and Bhala are also the sub gotras of the Khokhar Jats (Hindu and Sikh).

Distribution in Pakistan

Naswana or Nissowana - The Naswana (also pronounced Nissowana) claim Bhatti Rajput ancestry. They are found mainly in Chiniot, Jhang, Sargodha and Faisalabad districts.

According to 1911 census the Naswana were the principal Muslim Jat clan in:

  • Shahpur (Sargodha District) District - Naswana (505)

Notable persons


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