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Pulwama District Map

Odi Pora (उदिपुर) is a town in Pulwama district in Jammu and Kashmir. Its ancient name was Udipapura (उदिपपुर).

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Udipapura (उदिपपुर) is mentioned in Rajatarangini. Rajatarangini[1] tells....Sujji silently marched with his army towards Padmapura, and when he had arrived near the chasm of Udipapura, the Damaras became aware of him. Sujji disregard the Damaras who plundered his infantry, treasures, arms, &c, and with this cavalry crossed the chasm and reached the place where the horses could move.....On that day Ananta's son, Ananda the great, was killed by the Damaras at Lochanoḍḍāraka while on his march. He did many good acts and could undergo hard labor. [VIII (i)]

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