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Order of British India was an order of merit which was bestowed by the East India Company for "long, faithful and honourable service", beginning in 1837. The Company's powers were removed after the Indian Mutiny, and the Order was incorporated into the British honours system in 1859.

List of Jat Recipients

Here is partial list of Jat Recipients of Indian Order of Merit. You may add more.
  • Captain Bhola Singh - Hindu Dogra Jat, first warrior of Indian Army to get Order of British India award, whose statue is ther in Devi Lal Army Centre.
  • Honorary Captain Sardar Bahadur Bhola Singh Gulia, OBI (1st Class), Indian Survey Regiment of Badli, Haryana, India.
  • Sardar Bahadur Risaldar-Major Malook Singh Ahlawat OBI (1st Class),of Gochhi Haryana - Cavalry (Awal Rissala)
  • Subedar Bahadur Puran Singh Saran, OBI (2nd Class) (Pind: Mallah, Jagraon, Ludhiana District, Punjab, India)


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