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Pachainda Kala (पचैन्दा कला) or Pachenda Kalan is the village of Muzaffarnagar tahsil and district, U.P.


Located on Muzaffarnagar Bypass, it is situated 6km away from Muzaffarnagar city and has got its own gram panchayat. Datiana, Bagowali and Meghakheri are some of the nearby villages. Sugercane, Wheat and Rice are the main corps of this village.


Jat gotras


80% of population of the village are Jats.

  • Total Population - 5115
  • Male Population- 2726
  • Female Population - 2389
(According to Census 2011 figures) [1]

Notable person

  • Bachchan Singh (Lance Naik)- Martyr of Kargil War, 1999

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