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Author of this article is Laxman Burdak लक्ष्मण बुरड़क

Pilania (पिलाणिया) Pilaniya (पिलाणिया) Pilaniya (पिलानियाँ)/(पीलानियां)[1] Pilania (पीलानियाँ) Pilamiya (पिलामियाँ)/ (पिलमियां)[2] Palania (पलानियाँ)[3] Palaniya (पलाणिया) is a gotra of Jats, who live in Rajasthan and Haryana in India. The Pilani town was founded in the memory of a brave Pilania Jat. They were supporters of Tomar Confederacy.


In Mahabharata

Vana Parva, Mahabharata/Book III Chapter 174 mentions Pandvas journey twelfth year of their sojourn in Pilu forests having arrived reach Saraswati River and enter Dwaitavana where trees grew on the banks of the Saraswati which was, as it were, the home of the celestials, and the favourite (resort) of Yakshas and Gandharvas and Maharshis, those sons of kings lived there in happiness.[8]

Karna Parva/Mahabharata Book VIII Chapter 30 incidence is quoted by K R Qanungo[9] who mentions this incidence from Mahabharata that there is a town named Sakala and river named Apaga where section of the Bahikas, known as the Jartikas, dwell. He mentions about a Bahika who had to sojourn for a time in Kuru-jungal country sang the song about the women of his country.[10] "When shall I be amongst those ladies eating cakes of flour and meat and balls of pounded barley mixed with skimmed milk, in the forests, having many pleasant paths of Sami and Pilu and Karira!" (VIII.30.24)


Pilanias were probably Samantas of Chauhans ruling at Peelwa (पीलवा) village in Parbatsar tehsil of Nagaur district in Rajasthan. Its ancient name was Pilavahika (पील्‍वाहिक) in the inscriptions of Chahamans of Marwar. Jalor Stone Inscription of Samarasimhaadeva S.V. 1239 (1182 AD) mentions about it. (See:Chahamans of Marwar)[11]

The record opens with an invocation (v.1) to Nabheya i.e. Rishi Tirthankara. It then refers to reign of Maharaja ... son of Maharaja Kirtipaladeva'. The latter we are told was the son of the .. who belonged to the lineage of Maharaja Alhana - "the moon in the sky of Chahamana". It further speaks of the Rajaputra Jojila as person looking after the affairs of the kingdom. We are informed that he held in ....the multitude of unsettled tribals ....district of Pilavahika. It the refers to Samarasimha and Jojala was maternal uncle. In Pilwa in Parbatsar district of Jodhpur state on the frontier of the ....and Taskaraka are perhaps the Bavris who all abound there. ...Seth Yashovira son of Jagadhara of Shrimala family. .... . The date of inscription was Thursday the bright half of vaishakha of the vikrama year 1239.

Utpal Jats had founded village Pilaniya near Badi Khatu in Bikaner area. [12]

Villages founded by Pilania clan

  • Palana (पलाना) is a village in Bikaner tehsil and district in Rajasthan.
  • Pilani : The Pilani town was founded in the memory of a brave Pilania Jat. Thakur Nawal Singh founded the city of Nawalgarh in Jhunjhunu district of Rajasthan on magha shukla 2 samvat 1794 (1737 AD) at place called Rohili. Thukur Nawal Singh’s fourth son was Dalel Singh who was given the right of 12 villages after constructing a fort at present Pilani town. The fort was named Dalelgarh after Dalel Singh. When Dalel Singh was expanding his strength Rao Raja Laxman Singh of Sikar attacked him. At that time Dalel Singh’s brother and ruler of Nawalgarh came to his rescue. In the war a brave Pilania Jat fighting with bravery could save the fort of Dalelgarh. After this the name Dalelgarh was changed to Pilani in the memory of Pilania Jat. In those days Pilani was divided in two hamlets situated on sand dunes. One was ‘Nehra bas’ occupied by Brahmans and other was ‘Pilania bas’ occupied by Jats and other castes. Initially Pilani was a village of about 1500 people. Out of these 100 families were of Vaishyas, mainly of Agarwals. There were about 15 families of Maheshwaris out of which there was only one family of Birlas. [13]
  • Ardawata - The Pilania Jats and Thakan Jats became adamant to establish this village so the thikanedars started calling it Adawata after hindi word adna (अड़ना). Later on it got changed to Ardawata (अरड़ावता).

Sub divisions of Tunwar

Bhim Singh Dahiya[14] provides us list of Jat clans who were supporters of the Tunwar when they gained political ascendancy. The Palania clan supported the ascendant clan Tunwar and became part of a political confederacy.[15]

Distribution in Rajasthan

Locations in Jaipur city

Ambabari, Jhotwara, Mahavir Nagar I, Mansarowar Colony, Queens Road, Sodala,

Villages in Sikar district

Ajeetpura Sikar (100), Dadia, Dantru (7), Goria Bada (15), Ghirania Bara, Jakhala, Jerthi, Jajod, Kirdoli Chhoti, Lalana, Lalana (Sutot), Nagwa, Nani, Nashanwa, Rulyana Mali[16], Sanwaloda Purohitan, Sikar, Sutoth

Villages in Churu district

Biramsar, Chhapar Churu (3), Depalsar, Dheerwas Bara, Sujangarh (12), Taranagar,

Villages in Nagaur district

Kusumbi Alipur, Raliyawata,

Villages in Hanumangarh district

Hanumangarh, Gandheli, Paniwali, Ratanpura

Villages in Ganganagar district


Villages in Jhunjhunu district

Birol, Bidodi Chhoti,

Villages in Jodhpur district


Distribution in Haryana

Villages in Bhiwani district

Adampur Dadhi,

Villages in Hisar district


Villages in Mahendergarh district

Sureti Pilania,

Distribution in Uttar Pradesh

Villages in Bulandshahr district

Banhpur (Only village in UP Inhabited purely by Pilanias)

Distribution in Madhya Pradesh

Villages in Ratlam district

Sikhedi is a notable village of this gotra. Villages in Ratlam district with population of Palaniya (पलाणिया) gotra are:

Dantodiya 1, Badauda 2, Dhaunswas 2, Ghatwas 2, Hanumanpalia 1, Namli 2, Negarda 2, Panchewa 3, Rojana 1, Sikhedi 69,

Villages in Gwalior district

Gwalior, Lashkar (Gwalior),

Notable persons of Pilania clan

  • Rahul Pilania - Asstt, Commandant BSF, Date of Birth : 3-August-1985, VPO.- Gandheli, Teh.- Rawatsar, Distt.- Hanumangarh,(Raj.), Present Address : Anupgarh, Shri Ganganagar, Phone: 9828255150, Mobile: 9828255150, Email Address : rahulpilania@gmail.com
  • चौ. सुरेन्द्र पिलानिया (ट्रस्टी), दु.नं. 47 नई धान मण्डी, हनुमानगढ़ जं, 9460095200, Trustee for 2013-2017 Session Gramotthan Vidyapeeth Sangaria.

Gallery of Pilanias


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