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Payali (पायली) is a village located in Didwana tehsil of Nagaur district and border of Sikar in east side.


Jat Gotras

History of Nehra

In the centre of village there are five family of Nehra's. These families came from village ..... in Sikar district. Five Nehra Family's are listed bellow -

  • A. Padma Ram Nehra
    • 1. Ramchandra Nehra - Govt. Teacher: i) Rajendra Singh, ii) Surendra Singh, iii) Mahendra Singh
    • 2. Jhumar Mal Nehra - Prop. - Payali Boot House: i) Manoj Kumar, ii) Harendra Kumar
    • 3. Govind Ram Nehra - Nehra Karshi Farm: i) Dharmendra Kumar
  • B. Mangu Ram Nehra
    • 1. Shivbhagwan Nehra - Nehra Karshi Farm
  • C. Tiku Ram Nehra
    • 1. Surja Ram
    • 2. Bhagu Ram
    • 3. Deepa Ram

All above information are entered by Rajendra singh Nehra.

History of Dudwal

There are two families of Dudwals in Payali village basically both families belongs from nearby Sudrasan village and came to this village in 1985...

  • 1. Sewa Ram Dudwal-Dudwal Karshi Farm: i)Raju Ram
  • 2. Birma Ram Dudwal- Indian Army(Rajputana Rifles): i) Ranveer Singh Dudwal- Indian Air Force, ii) Ranjeet Singh Dudwal-Indian Air Force.

All above information are submitted by Ranjeet Singh Dudwal

History of Bijarniya

There is only one family of Bijarniyas in Payali village, this family came from nearby Chhoti Beri village about 20 years ago.

    • Mool Chand Bijarniya

History of Burdak

There are 5 families of Burdaks in payali village these families came from dheejpura village in sikar district.

This information submitted by

    • Vijendra Singh Burdak

Notable persons


This page is being updated regularly by Ranjeet Dudwal

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