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Maulana Qazi Athar Mubarakpuri (1916–1996) is a historian from Mubarakpur in Azamgarh district of Uttar Pradesh. He has written many articles and books on the history of the early Muslims in India and the Arab world. He was presented the highest literary award for the Arabic language in India and has been awarded many awards from the Arab world as well. His works are both in Arabic and Urdu language. He was also an active member of the congress before and after the independence in India. He has also written book on the well known personalities of Mubarakpur known as Uluma-e-Tazkera Mubarakpur.

He also served as the editor of Al-Balagh published from Bombay, a monthly journal in the following years 1961–62, 1966–67, 1973–76.He worked as an Islamic teacher in Anjuman Islam High School, Fort, Mumbai

Hindustan men Arabon ki hukumaten Publisher: Maktabah-yi Arifin, published in 1967 (340 pages).

social condition and historical happenings of West and Southern parts of India was a travelogue by Arab traders of pre-Islamic era. The late Qazi Athar Mubarkpuri, translating the book on the evidence of certain Arabic sources, the historian Ahtar Mubarkpuri, concludes that some Hindu rulers knew Arabic or at least some verses which they could quote on appropriate occasions. (mubarkpuri 1989, 315-316) Hindustan main arbon ki hukumatey, lahore 1989.)

Qazi Athar Mubarakpuri also wrote a column under the heading "Jawahar-ul-Qur'an" in the Inquilab Daily, a newspaper published from Bombay, for about 40 years. During the British Raj he worked in Lahore but after Independence moved to Bombay.

His son Sheikh Khalid Hafiz (Khalid Kamal Abdul Hafiz; 1938–1999) served as the senior religious adviser to the New Zealand Muslim minority over 1982 to 1999, as Imam of Wellington.

Qazi Athar Mubarakpuri's Studies on Jats

Note: Prof. Zafarul Islam has contributed the article 'Qazi Athar Mubarakpuri’s Studies on Jats', The Jats, Vol. II, Ed. Dr Vir Singh, Delhi, 2006. pp. 25-29. Here is reproduced this article for research and analysis. See - Qazi Athar Mubarakpuri's Studies on Jats

His Works

Below is a list of most of the books he authored:

  • Arab-o-Hind Ahd-e-Risalat mein (Urdu)
  • Hindustan Mein Arbon Ki Hukumatein (Urdu)
  • Islami Hind Ki Azmat-e-Rafta (Urdu)
  • Khilafat-e-Rashidah Aur Hindustan (Urdu)
  • Khilafat-e-Abbasiah Aur Hindustan (Urdu)
  • Khilafat-e-Banu Ummiyah Aur Hindustan (Urdu)
  • Dayar-e-Purab Mein Ilm-o-Ulama (Urdu)
  • Tazkirah-e-Ulama-e-Mubarakpur (Urdu)
  • Maasir-o-Maarif (Urdu)
  • Aasaar-o-Ikhbar (Urdu)
  • Tadween-e-Sair-o-Maghazi (Urdu)
  • Khairul Qoroon Ki Darsgahein (Urdu)
  • Aimma Arba’a (Urdu)
  • Banaat-e-Islam Ki Ilmi Wa Deeni Khidmaat (Urdu)
  • Islami Nezam-e-Zindagi (Urdu)
  • Afadaat-e-Hasan Basri (Urdu)
  • Muslamaan (Urdu)
  • Assalehaat (Urdu)
  • Tablighi Wa Taalimi Sargarmian Ahde Salaf Mein (Urdu)
  • Islami Shadi (Urdu)
  • Ma’ariful Qur'an (Urdu)
  • Tabaqatul Hujjaj (Urdu)
  • Ali Wa Husain (Urdu)
  • Hajj Ke Baad (Urdu)
  • Khawateen Islam Ki Ilmi Wa Deeni Khidmaat (Urdu)
  • Qaedah Baghdadi Se Sahih Bukhari Tak (Urdu)
  • Rejalus Sindh Wal Hind (Arabic)
  • Al Iqdus Sameen (Arabic)
  • Al Hind Fi Ahdil Abbaseen (Arabic)
  • Jawaherul Osool (Arabic)
  • Tareekh Asmaa Asseqaaf (Arabic)
  • Deewan Ahmad (Arabic)
  • Musalmano Ke Har Tabqe Mein Ilmo Olama (Urdu)
  • Mae Tohoor (Urdu)
  • "Banat-e-Islam Ki Ilmi Wa Deeni Khidmaat" is translated as 'The Religious and Intellectual Contributions of Muslim Women'.(

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