Rae Ahmed Nawaz Khan Kharal

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An Illustration of Rae Ahmed Nawaz Kharral's struggle

Rai Ahmed Khan Kharal was one of the greatest freedom fighters in the Indian rebellion of 1857. He was a resident of Sandal Bar's famous town Jhamra in Jhang District, currently in Faisalabad, Punjab (Pakistan). He started his rebellion in a wide area of Punjab (British India), Pakistan covering Ganji Bar, Neeli Bar and Sandal Bar area (an area between rivers Sutlej, Ravi River and Chenab covered with thick forests in past). The center of his movement was the town of Gogera which lies in the Neeli Bar area.

A Punjab region Jatt Muslim, Rai Ahmed Khan Kharal was basically a landlord, owner of a reasonable/worth mentioning territory, he was leader of Kharal Tribe due to the prevailing injustice at that time, love for his motherland resulting differences with the rulers, he was a peace loving, landlord, with respectable status but created injustice made him the leader of the freedom fighters who carried out the famous Gogera insurrection. They also attacked the Gogera Central Jail and ensured the freedom of hundreds of freedom fighters who were kept there for actively taking part in the War of Independence 1857. These freedom fighters under the command of Rai Ahmed Khan Kharal were able to make vast part of their land totally free of the British Rule for at least three months.

Their headquarters was at Kot Kamalia. Along with his companions Murad Fatiana, Shuja Bhadroo, and Mokha Wehniwal he killed Lord Burkley the Commissioner for Gogera. He united most of the A List of Bari Tribes against British Empire rule and was finally killed in a battle with British forces defending his beloved motherland. After his death His head was taken along by the British soldiers, but snatched back by one of his loyal friends, the point to be noted was that after passing even months blood droops were coming out of his neck as fresh as it had happened just now. His efforts for the freedom of the homeland from British rule were also acknowledged by the last Moghul Emperor, Bahadur Shah II Zafar.

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