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Anandapala (आनंदपाल) was son of Jayapala (जयपाल) , a Jat Ruler and King of Hindu Shahi with capital at Bhatinda and Lahore.


Maharajadhiraj Anandpal: Prince Anandapala who ascended his father's throne (in about March/April AD 1002) already proved an able warrior and general in leading many battles prior to his ascension. According to 'Adáb al-Harb' (pp. 307–10) in about AD 990, it is written, "the arrogant but ambitious Raja of Lahore Bharat, having put his father in confinement, marched on the country of Jayapála with the intention of conquering the districts of Nandana, Jailum (Jehlum) and Tákeshar" (in an attempt to take advantage of Jayapala's concentrated effort with defence against the armies of Ghazni). "Jayapala instructed Prince Anandapala to repel the opportunist Raja Bharat. Anandapala defeated Bharat and took him prisoner in the battle of Takeshar and marched on Lahore and captured the city and extended his father's kingdom yet further."

However, during his reign, many attacks were inflicted on his kingdom by the Ghaznavids. During the battle of Chach between Mahmud and Anandapala, it is stated that "a body of 30,000 Gakhars fought alongside as soldiers for the Shahi Emperor and incurred huge losses for the Ghaznavids". However, despite the heavy losses of the enemy, Anandapala lost the battle and suffered much financial and territorial loss. This was Anandapala's last stand against Sultan Mahmud of Ghazni. He eventually signed a treaty with the Ghaznavid Empire in AD 1010 and shortly a year later died a peaceful death. R.C Majumdar [1] compared him ironically to his dynastic ancient famous ancestor "King Porus, who bravely opposed Alexander but later submitted and helped in subduing other Indian rulers". And Tahqíq Má li'l-Hind (p. 351) finally revered him in his legacy as "noble and courageous" .

In the Punjab, Jayapala became the paramount ruler. He made Bathinda, his second capital for better administration of the neighbouring region. To the east of his realm, the Toramana dynasty ruled over Haryana and Delhi. The Ghalibids governed Multan and the territory up to Lahore and Ramiyan. Jayapala sent an expedition under his son Anandapala, who defeated Bharata and advanced on Lahore. Bharata paid him a large sum of money and he was allowed to rule Lahore as a feudatory of Jayapala.

But later Bharata was dethroned by his son Hardrat who declared himself as free ruler of Lahore. At this, Anandapala again marched with a big army to punish him and finally annexed Lahore to Sahi dominions in 999 AD. Jayapala’s authority now extended from Langhman (Jallalabad) to the river Chenab. He now ranked as the greatest king of India. The Arabs described him as the ruler of Hindustan.

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नैन गोत्र की वंशावली

राजा आनंदपाल के दो लड़के थे. बड़े का नाम अनंगपाल तथा छोटे का नाम नैनपाल था. बड़ा बेटा होने के कारण अनंगपाल को दिल्ली की गद्दी मिली थी. छोटा बेटा नैनपाल राजकाज के अन्य काम देखता था. वह बड़ा सीधासादा तथा शील स्वभाव का था. कुछ लोगों का मानना है कि नैनपाल से नैन गोत्र शुरू हुआ. [2]

शमशेर सिंह गाँव धमतान साहिब, जिला जींद की वंशावली इस प्रकार है: 1. आनंदपाल → 2. नैनपाल (अनंगपाल का छोटा भाई)→ 3. थरेय → 4. थरेया → 5. थेथपाल → 6. जोजपाल → 7. चीडिया → 8. बाछल → 9. बीरम → 10. बीना → 11. रतुराम → 12. मोखाराम → 13. सोखाराम → 14. भाना राम → 15. उदय सिंह → 16. पहराज → 17. सिन्हमल → 18. खांडेराव → 19. जैलोसिंह → 20. बालक दास → 21. रामचंद्र → 22. आंकल → 23. राजेराम → 24. लालदास → 25. मान सिंह → 26. केसरिया → 27. बख्तावर → 28. बाजा → 29. फतन → 30. कलिया राम → 31. बल देव सिंह → 32. शमशेर सिंह → 33. सुमेर सिंह


Jayapala- The Paramount ruler of India.

Further readings

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