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Rajpipla (राज पीपला) is a city and district headquarter of Narmada district in Gujarat. It was the capital of the former Kingdom of Rajpipla.


Rajpipla is located at 21.78°N 73.57°E. It has an average elevation of 148 metres.

Variants of name


V. S. Agrawala[1] writes that no examples of kachchha ending names found in Sutras and Patanjali, but there was a well known sea-port called Bhrigukachchha called Broach. Kasika instances Daru-kachchha and Pipalli-kachchha (Rajpipla near the mouth of Narmada; under agni again Kāṇḍāgni and Vibhujāgni (modern Bhuj); under vaktra Indravaktra and Sindhuvaktra; under garta Bahugarta and Chakragarta.

Standing at the head of Gulf of Cambay, we have to our left Pippalli-kachchha, the sea cost of Pippali comprising the delta area of Sabarmati, Mahi River, Narmada, and Tapti Rivers of which the old name is preserved in Pipla or Rajpipla. To our right is the sea cost of Kathiawar, literally equivalent of Daru-kachchha (Dāru=kāshṭa).

Rajpipla was known as Nandipuri during the rule of Gurjara kings, when it was the capital of the Lata kingdom. A later form of the name Nandol and Nandod have also been in use in medieval times.[2]

Nandanagar or Nandod names have been mentioned by James Tod.[3]

Notable persons


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