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Shri Richpal Singh Mirdha(श्री रिछपाल सिंह मिर्धा) is a senior Congress leader in Rajasthan, was born in a Rad (also spelled Rar (Hindi:राड़)) gotra Jat Hindu family of village Kuchera in Nagaur district in Rajasthan. His father’s name was Hari Ram Mirdha. He is nephew of Famous politician Shri Nathuram Mirdha.

Mirdha Family

Mirdha Family is a political dynasty from Rajasthan in India, it has long been and still are primarily into agriculture. But also have a strong political presence. The family has produced leaders of national and state stature, giving it a strong socio-political standing. Some of them being:

Rise as Strong farmer's leader

Richpal singh Mirdha is committed to the service of people especially farmers in Marwar region. He is friendly with every person who came in his contact. He is straightforward and man of words. A famous victory of him in assembly election 1998, When congress did not offer ticket to him then The farmers & public of Marwar got very angry and they made history by electing independent from Degana with margin of 8810 votes.Which was the Highest victory by margin of votes by any independent MLA in The 11th Rajasthan Legislative Assembly.


We can imagine his popularity in Nagaur that he was elected from different-different parties like- Janta dal, congress ,independent and again congress and represented Degana in The Rajasthan Legislative Assembly for a long time of 18-20 years .He is constituency four times MLA fom Degana constituency.

In The Rajasthan Legislative Assembly(1990-2008) ( राजस्थान विधान सभा)

Richpal Singh Mirdha is four times MLA fom Degana constituency.1st time in 1990 with Janta Dal ticket, second time in 1993 with Congress ticket, in 1998 third time Independent elected and continous 4th time again with congress in 2003. Richpal Singh Mirdha's major victory was in the 1998 assembly election. When Congress did not offer him a place on the ballot, the farmers and public of Marwar took action and made history by electing him as an independent from Degana by a margin of 8810 votes. This was the highest victory by any independent MLA in The 11th Rajasthan Legislative Assembly.He represented the Degana constituency for a long time in the Rajasthan Legislative Assembly since 1990- to 2008.

He represented the Degana constituency in the Rajasthan Legislative Assembly from 1990 to 2008, serving four consecutive terms:

  • MLA - 1990 (Janta Dal),
  • MLA – 1993 (Indian National Congress),
  • MLA – 1998 (Independent),
  • MLA – 2003 (Indian National Congress)

Social services

He is always busy in social works. He is one of the honest politician in Rajasthan, so He is honorary president of Shri Jat Mandir Samiti, Jat Vishram Sthali Pushkar, Ajmer, Rajasthan. Nathu Ram Mirdha Statue was installed at Shri Jat Mandir Samiti, Pushkar during 89th Akhil Bharatiy Jat Mahasabha Sammelan on 20 October 2009. Chairperson of the function was Jyoti Mirdha,MP Nagaur and Chief guest was Harji Ram Burdak, Agricultural and Animal Husbandry Minister Rajasthan.


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