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Author of this article is Prem Sukh Didel (प्रेमसुख डिडेल)

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Location of Rol in Nagaur district

Rol (रोल) (also Rohal, Rol Qazian) village is situated on the Nagaur-Sikar state highway-19 in Jayal Tehsil of Nagaur District, 21 kms. away from Nagaur City.


Rol or Rol Qazian [1] was founded about 300 year back. It was Muslim dominated at that time. There is a big dargah in the village. Muslims organize a fair every year. [2]

The book Arabic, Persian and Urdu Inscriptions of West India by Dr. Ziyaud-Din Abdul-Hayy Desai provides a comprehensive list of more than 2,000 inscriptions from West Indian states. At S.No. 249[3], mentions as Rohal Sharif which is same as present Rol in Nagaur district.

Jat Gotras

Rol is a Didel city.

Other Jat Gotras in Rol are as under-

Other castes

They are: Muslim, Saini, Khati, Darji, Kumhar, Bhavri, Nai, Sunar, Shaad, Brahman, Goad, Harijan, Meghwal, Khateek, Luhar, Sargara, Chheempa, Lakhara, Saai, Dhadhi, Ghinwariya, Bhaat etc.


Population of Rol as of Census 2011 is 7,359 (Males- 3,799; Females- 3,560)[4]. About half of the population is of Jats.


Rol is located at 27° 10' 00.00" North Latitude & 73° 55' 60.00" East Longitude.[5] It has an average elevation of 314 meters (1033 feet).


Main occupation of people is agriculture and government/private jobs. Some villagers are employed in government services and many people are doing private jobs in other states i.e. Assam, Andhrapradesh, Maharashtra.


Rol is connected to nearby villages through the road network with presence of State Transport Service and Private Bus Services which link it to Nagaur, Marwar Mundwa, Jayal, Deh, Kuchera, Goth-Manglod.

Temples and Mosque

Village has got temples of Hanuman Mandir, Rangnath Mandir, Charbhuja Mandir, Satyanarayan Mandir, Shitla Mata etc. Village also has got one Mosque is said to possess some holy relic brought by Qazi Hamiduddin Nagauri from Baghdad. It attracts devotees on Urs [6]. There is an annual Urs Mela (Urs Fair) organised in village on Muslim date[7].

Notable persons

List of Jat Sarpanch's
in Village - Rol
Sl. No. Name Period
From To
1. Late Sh. Hariram Didel 07-04-1951 13-02-1955
2. Late Sh. Nathuram Jakhar 13-02-1955 21-09-1955
3. Late Sh. Kunaram Didel 23-03-1956 27-07-1956
4. Late Sh. Daularam Didel 31-12-1958 10-01-1961
5. Late Sh. Ghashiram Didel 07-06-1964 30-11-1968
6. Late Sh. Ramjiwan Didel 01-12-1968 11-03-1975
7. Late Sh. Bhagirath Didel 11-03-1975 31-12-1977
8. Late Sh. Sawantram Didel 15-02-1978 18-09-1980
9. Late Sh. Omprakash Jakhar 01-01-1982 19-06-1991
10. Sh. Ramprakash Jakhar (Pappu) 03-02-1995 31-01-2000
11. Sh. Ramkumar Didel Present -
  • गोविंद राम डीडेल, रोल - मारवाड़ जाट कृषक सुधार सभा की प्रबंधकारिणी और कार्यकारिणी में रहकर आप ने जाट जाति की सेवा करके अपने को कृतार्थ किया है। [8]


  • Nadi - There is a grand Nadi (water pond) named Kasolav in the village which has steps on all sides and there is one entry for each caste people.

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