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Sadh (साढ)[1][2] is a gotra of Jats.



Rajatarangini[4] tells....This time the king Uchchala (b.1070,r.1101–1111) of Lohara family was in a great dilemma. His ministers and petty chieftains acted like highwaymen, his brother wished a civil war in the kingdom, and his treasury was empty. He honored his brother by bestowing on him the government of Lohara, and sent him to that province. His brother took with him elephants, arms, infantry, cavalry, treasures and ministers, and the king,

[p.4]: fear fled to the north of the bathing place, and Bhimadeva with his arms ran after him in order to kill him. But the accountant of the house saw the affair from behind a pillar and cut Janakachandra by the sword into two in the middle. On his death, his two younger brothers, Gagga and Saḍḍ, ran to the spot and they too were wounded by the sword by the same man who still remained unseen. A fierce man, who kills a great enemy, like the thunderbolt that smites a tree, does not remain long. Thus on the 2nd of Bhadra of the same year and neither more nor less than three fortnights after the death of Harsha, Janakachandra was killed. He too wasted away in brooding over his sin of murdering his master who did him good. The king, though inwardly pleased, feigned anger and grief, and hence Bhimadeva fled. Gagga, however, trusted the king and was sent by him to Lohara to have his wounds healed, but the Damaras took flight, left their country and fled. (SaḍḍSadh)

Rajatarangini[5] tells....The king Uchchala (b.1070,r.1101–1111) of Lohara family was pleased with the services of Bhogasena and though he was without follower or a house, the king made him the governor of the Rajasthana (palace). He had seen Bhogasena's valor in the battle on the day of Indradvadashi when Gaggachandra, though he had a large army under him, fled from the engagement. The king raised Saḍḍa, Chchhaḍḍa and Byaḍḍasa, sons of Sadda, a common soldier, to the post of ministers. (p.16-17) (SaḍḍaSadh, ChchhaḍḍaChad, ByaḍḍasaBajad)

Rajatarangini[6] tells us....When Garga went to Visharākuta in Mandala, the king caused Sadda, Hamsaratha and Nonaratha to be brought to him by messengers. The wicked king tortured them by sparks of fire and points of needle and left them all but dead. (p.38)

H.A. Rose[7] Jatu (जाटू), said to be a Tunwar clan who once held almost the whole of Hissar, and are still most numerous in that District and the neighbouring portions of Rohtak and Jind. ....Jatu's sons, Sidh and Harpal, founded Rajli and Gurana villages, and on the overthrow of the Chauhan Rai Pithaura by the Muhammadans the Jatus extended their power over Agroha, Hansi, Hissar and Bhiwani....In 1857 the people at once revived all their ancient titles, but the descendants of Harpal, a son of Jatu, remained loyal, the descendants of Sadh, another of Jatu's sons, having rebelled.



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