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Samoda (सामोदा)[1] is gotra of Jats. Samo (सामो) clan found in Afghanistan. [2] Shamo, is the same as the Jareja Yadu Rajput[3]


This gotra originated from from people who came from Sindh and settled in Khandelawati. Greek authors have written them as Sabastae. [4]


Samo, or Shamo, is the titular name of the Jareja branch of the Yadu or Gadun Rajput of the Lunar race and Buddhist religion ; the chiefs of the Samo, or Shamo, have the title of Jam, and under that designation hold the petty principality of Las Bela in Balochistan. The Samo, according to Tod (Annals of Rajasthan), represent the tribe of Sambus against whom Alexander poured out the vials of his wrath. The ancient seat of the Samo was in the modern Sibi or Siwi, or Siwistan of Indian writers. [5]

Distribution in Rajasthan

Villages in Sikar District

Samoda are found in Khandela (खण्डेला) tahsil Srimadhopur, Sikar district in Rajasthan.

Notable persons


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