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For Sampala town, please see Sampala Rohtak.

Location of Sampla in Rohtak District

Ghari Sampla (गढ़ी सांपला) is the village in Sampala tahsil of district Rohtak in Haryana. It is located on the south-east border near Jhajjar district boundary.


Jat Gotras

Notable persons

  • Sir Chhotu Ram- Sir Chhotu Ram (Gotra Ohlan) was born on 24 November 1881 in village Ghari Sampla in Rohtak district, Haryana . His great-grandfather, Ram Rattan, owned a dry and unproductive holding of about 10 acres. Debts and litigation compounded the problems of his father, Chaudhary Sukhi Ram, who died in 1905, leaving behind a heavy debt.

Chhotu Ram joined a primary school in neighbouring village Sampala in Jan 1891, passing out four years later.

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