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Sanaur on Map of Patiala district

Sanaur (सनौर) (Sanawar) is a village in Patiala tehsil of Patiala district in Punjab.


Sanaur is located 5 km South-east of Patiala town.

Jat Gotras

Sandhu also known as Sidhu


Ala Singh conquered Sanawar and Founded Patiala

Lepel H. Griffin[1] writes: Three years later the district of Sanawar was conquered for Ala Singh by one of his Sirdars, Gurbaksh Singh Kaleka. The district was known as Chaurasi, (eighty-four) from the number of its villages, one of which was Pattiala, now the capital of the territory, where Ala Singh, in the year 1753, built a mud fort in order to overawe his new possessions, and left Sirdar Gurbaksh Singh in charge. Diwan Lachman Narain, one of the officers of Samand Khan or Abul Samad Khan of Sirhind


fled to this Chief for protection, and his surrender was at once demanded by his master, who, being refused, marched to Sanawar to enforce his demand. Sirdar Gurbaksh Singh then sent the Diwan to Pattiala, as being a place of greater security, and, joining the force of Ala Singh, they together attacked Abul Samad Khan and defeated him, securing a large quantity of plunder.

The rupture between Raja and his mother

Lepel H. Griffin[2] writes: This determination to strengthen herself at his expense, naturally irritated the Raja (Raja Karam Singh), and a quarrel arising between Wazir Khan, a Pathan leader, in favour with the Rani, and Barkat Ali Khan the Minister, in which a few wounds were given and received by the partisans of either party, The Raja believed or professed to believe that his mother desired to raise a revolt against him and to resume charge of the administration. He begged the British Political officer at Karnal to visit him and make some satisfactory arrangement with the Rani (Rani Aus Kour), the result of which was that the Raja was declared to possess sole and absolute power and the Rani agreed to retire to her estate at Sunour and abstain from all interference in public affairs.

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