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Sandhal (सन्धल)[1][2] Saindhal (सैंधल)/Sindhal[3] is Jat Gotra in Pakistan. It is branch of Chauhan.


Distribution in Pakistan

Sandhal - The Sandal are small Saraiki-speaking Jat clan in Mailsi in Vehari District.

According to James Tod[4] Jakhar, Asiagh, Punia are all denominations of the Jat race, a few of whom preserve under these ancient subdivisions their old customs and religion ; but the greater part are among the converts to Islam, and retain the generic name, pronounced Zjat. Those enumerated are harmless and industrious, and are found both in the desert and valley. There are besides these a few scattered families of ancient tribes [322], as the Sultana3, and Khumra, of whose history we are ignorant, Johyas, Sindhals, and others, whose origin has already been noticed in the Annals of Marusthali.

Sandhal village in Haryana

Sandhal is a village in Sonipat district of of Haryana.

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