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Location of Sanghar
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Sanghar (Hindi: संघर, Urdu: سانگھڑ) is a city and district in Sindh province of Pakistan.

District Administration

The district is administratively subdivided into 6 talukas, these are:[2]

Jat Gotras

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Sanghar has a unique place in history of Pakistan, as it was the Head Quarter of Militant freedom fighters called "HURS". Hur movement started during second world war when British Raj was busy in fight against German Nazis and Japan at various fronts.

After the 1853 invasion by Charles Napier, Sindh was divided into provinces and was assigned Zamindars, also known as "Wadera", to collect taxes for the British. Sindh was later made part of British India's Bombay Presidency, and became a separate province in 1935.

Sanghar is unique in its kind; it is probably the most variable in terms of ethnic community of all the cities of Sindh. People from every land and every community are found here and they enjoy the most cordial of the relationships. Even Hindus enjoy quite a good status here and they do their trade with a minimum of fuss, most of the doctors are from Hindu community.

Hukum Singh Panwar [1] writes that The Srnjayas or the Parthians of the Mahabharata and of Shafer (1954: 138.) or the Sarangai of Herodotus or the Zranke of the Achaemenian Inscriptions or the Sir-re-anke of the Elamite records or the Saragoi of Arrian or the Dragiane of Strabo (in Seistan) or the descendents of Narishyanta, the progenitor of the Sakas, (are the Jats), known in the Mahabharata and the Rigveds as Srnjayas, the sons of the Sickle (Hewitt, 1972: 481) (survived by the Siringi or Singar or Singhar or Singhal or Sangar or Sanghar tribes in the Jats).

According to the legend the bodies of Sohni Mahiwal, the titular heroes of one of the four popular tragic romances of Sindh, were recovered from the Indus River near Shahdadpur city and are buried there. The Tomb of Sohni is situated in Shahdadpur, which is 40 km from Sanghar and 75 km from Hyderabad.

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