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Location of Sankarna in Jalor District

Sankarna is a village in Ahore tahsil in Jalor district in Rajasthan. Its ancient name was Sakrana (सकराणा)


Pincode of the village is 343001. It is situated 12km away from Ahore town and 12km away from Jalor city. Sankarna village has got its own gram panchayat. Beechhawari, Bhainswara and Sarupura are some of the nearby villages.


Dasharatha Sharma writes - [1] instructions beforehand by Alauddin, decided to punish Kanhadadeva for the affront to Khalji authority. Victorious everywhere, he marched through Jalor. When Khalji army reached Sakrana (सकराणा) (tah-Ahore), a village 18 miles from Jalor, Kanhadadeva’s chief minister, Jaita Devada, conveyed his master’s message to Ulugh. In a well planned raid led by Jaita Devada, Nusrat Khan’s brother, Malik Aizudin and a nephew of Alauddin were slain. Ulugh Khan barely escaped his life. They liberated thousands of Hindu prisoners and the rescue of an idol of Somanatha which was being carried to Delhi. [2]


Population of Sankarna according to Census 2011, stood at 3461 (Males : 1561, Females : 1900).[3]

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