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Sankhunia (संखुणिया) Shankhunia (शंखुणिया) Shankhuniya (शंखुणिया) Sankhnia (संखणिया) is Jat Gotra found in Sikar district in Rajasthan. Shahkhani (शंखणी) is a Muslim Jat clan found in Pakistan.



They are descendants of Nagavanshi mahapurusha Shankukarna (शङ्कुकर्ण).

Villages founded by Sankhunia clan

Distribution in Rajasthan

Villages in Sikar district

Sankhunia Ki Dhani,

Distribution in Pakistan

According to 1911 census the Shahkhani were the principal Muslim Jat clan in Dera Ghazi Khan District with population of Shahkhani (961) . [1]

Notable persons


  1. Census Of India 1911 Volume xiv Punjab Part 2 by Pandit Narikishan Kaul

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