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Saran District Map

Saran is district of Bihar state, India. The district, part of Saran Division, is also known as Chhapra district after the headquarters of the district - Chhapra.


The district of Saran is situated between 25°36' and 26°13' north latitude and 84°24' and 85°15' east longitude. The Ganges river provides the southern boundary of the district, beyond which lie the districts of Bhojpur and Patna. To the north of Saran lie the districts of Siwan and Gopalganj. The Gandak river forms the dividing line with the Vaishali and Muzaffarpur districts in the east. To the west of Saran lie the districts of Siwan and Balia in Uttar Pradesh. The Ghaghra river forms a natural boundary between Saran and Ballia.

The district is shaped like a triangle; its apex is the confluence of the boundary of the Gopalganj district and the Gandak – Ganges river.


Saran District comprises three Sub-divisions:

Blocks: Chapra, Manjhi, Dighwara, Rivilganj, Parsa, Baniapur, Amnaur, Taraiya, Sonepur, Garkha, Ekma, Dariyapur, Jalalpur, Marhaura, Masarakh, Maker, Nagra, Panapur, Eisuapur, Lahladpur, Jantabazar

Jat clan


The earliest historical record concerning this district is supposedly from 898 AD. It suggests that the village of Dighwa Dubauli in Saran had supplied a copper plate issued during the reign of King Mahendra Paldeva.

Maharshi Dadhichi, who donated his bones to the gods for the manufacture of arms, is said to belong to Saran. The cottage of Dronacharya was situated there. Gautamasthan, which is 8 km from chapra, used to be Maharshi Gautam's ashram. Lord Rama gave Devi Ahiylya (wife of Maharshi Gautam) her life back after she turned to stone due to a curse. The fight of "Gaj" (Elephant) and "Grah" (Crocodile) was made at Sonepur in Saran also. Ambica Sthan or Ambika Bhawani (Ami, Dighwara) is famous for the goddess Durga temple. This place believed to be the "yagna sthal" of King Daksha, the father in law of Hindu God Lord Shiva. Annoyed with the ill behavior of her father King Daksha,'Sati' Lord Shiva's first wife took voluntary fall into "Yagna Kund". The said "Yagna Kund" is still present with in the temple campus of the Ambika Bhawani.

The historical background of the district - as available in the 'Ain-E-Akbari - records Saran as one of the six Sarkars (revenue divisions) in the province of Bihar.

Historical places

  • Chhapra Bihar
  • Dighwara
  • Revelgaj
  • Ashoka Pillar - The Ashoka Pillar is located about 33 km from Chapra (5 km from Maker Village). This is the place where Lord Buddha made his 13th stop on his way to attaining nirvana. He converted Amrapali, a local courtesan and powerful prostitute, into a saint. This is now a tourist attraction for Buddhists and is well maintained by the archaeological survey of India. At Chirand near chapra, ancient bones were found and are placed in the chapra Museum. It is famous for King Maurayadhwaj, who was ready to sacrifice his only son to Vaman Avatar Lord Vishnu.