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Location of Okara

Satghara (Urdu: ستگهره‎), is a town and union council of Okara District in the Punjab province of Pakistan.


Satgarha is situated 13 miles to the east of Gugera.Its coordinates are 30°55'0N 73°31'0E with an altitude of 164 metres.


The territory of Yaudheyas included

These were listed based on the assumptions of coin finds. Even Haryana and Panjab were included in the territory they might have ruled.

Mounds of brick debris at Satghara mark the site of a forgotten town, the coins found at Satghara prove that it was inhabited in the time of the Kushan dynasty.[1]

The name of this town "Satghara" is commonly believed to drive its name from words (Saat or Seven) (Ghara or pitchers) or seven ghars seven homes.

Another sound historical folklore is narrated that some injured soldiers of Alexander the Great (belonging to ancient town of Stageira of Macedonia) resided their and they named this ancient town as Stageira now corrupted as Satghara. Stagira or Stageira was an ancient Greek city, located in central Macedonia, near the eastern coast of the peninsula of Chalkidice, and is chiefly known for being the birthplace of Aristotle, who was a Greek philosopher and polymath, a student of Plato and teacher of Alexander the Great. The city lies approximately 8 kms north northeast of the present-day village of Stagira, close to the town of Olympiada.

Alexander Cunningham [2] writes that Satgarha is situated 13 miles to the east of Gugera, on one of the projecting points of the high bank which marks the limit of the windings of the Ravi on the east. The name means the " seven castles," but these no longer exist. There is an old brick fort on a mound, and several isolated mounds, covered with broken bricks and other remains, which mark the site of an ancient city. Old coins are found in considerable numbers, from the time of the Indo-Scythians downwards. It has, therefore, most probably been continuously occupied from the beginning of the Christian era down to the present time.

Notable persons

Mir Chakar Rind - The tomb of Baloch folk hero, Mir Chakar Rind islocated here. Many of his descendants as well as sub tribes of Baloch descent predominate in the district.


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