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Shabad Mohmadpur (शाहबाद मोहम्मदपुर) or Shahabad Mohmadpur (शाहबाद मोहम्मदपुर) is one of 12 villages of Solanki clan in Delhi. There are some families belonging to Lamba gotra also.


This village is situated just on the outskirts of Indira Gandhi International Airport, with no agricultural land left.


The people of the village have adopted professions like shop-keeping, services etc. After the expansion of the airport, the access to the village is very difficult now and one has to take a long, circuitous route from Palam village. There are fears that if this siege continues and airport expansion plans take off further, this village may have to be shifted from its current location. Residents of the village are focused on getting higher education, and going to many professions like, lawyers, doctors[1], Merchant Navy, etc.


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