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Shankar (शंकर) is village in Nakodar tahsil in Jalandhar district in Punjab, India. PIN Code-141316.


Population of the village is 5261 (As per census of 1991).


Jat Gotras


Shankar is one of the most important villages of 'Takhars'. It is in Nakodar tahsil of Jalandhar district. Most of the 'Takhars' belongs to this village. It is a Big village. In big villages, 'Pattis' are there. So in Shankar village there are three pattis:

  • Sandhu Patti - Jatts of Sandhu gotra reside in Sandhu patti,
  • Purewal Patti - Jatts of Purewal gotra reside in Purewal patti
  • Takkhar Patti - Jatts of Takhar gotra reside in Takhar patti.

Notable persons

K S Makhan - Famous punjabi singer 'K S Makhan' [1] belongs to Takhar gotra and he is from village Shankar. He is now residing in U.K.

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