Shekhawati Ke Gandhi Amar Shahid Karni Ram/A Selfless Leader

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Digitized by Dr Virendra Singh & Wikified by Laxman Burdak, IFS (R)

अनुक्रमणिका पर वापस जावें

पुस्तक: शेखावाटी के गांधी अमरशहीद करणीराम

लेखक: रामेश्वरसिंह, प्रथम संस्करण: 2 अक्टूबर, 1984

द्धितीय खण्ड - सम्मत्ति एवं संस्मरण

Chaudhary Randhir Singh
6. A Selfless Leader
Randhir Singh Chaudhari

Chairman AICC Kisan Congress

It is a laudable endeavour to bring into sharp focus the vicissitudes faced and sacrifices made by martyr Karni Ram of Rajasthan with a view to perpetuate his glorious name. As leader of the down-trodden farming community, hailing from that very stock and back ground himself, he was a crusader and championed their cause all his life. He fought reletness battles against feudal oppression and tyranny perpetrated on toiling peasantry by Jagirdars of the State. A veteran Gandhian in him revolted against this subjugation, social and economic injustice. He kindled infinite spirit of confidence in them to defy high handedness of the system with all might at their command.

Under his dynamic stewardship the rural poor thwarted yoke of serfdom, struggling hard for basic human rights and civil liberties. As a congressman he translated cult and creed of the party into concrete action. Stalwarts like him never die leaving foot-prints on sands of time for posterity to follow for a better tomorrow. He lived every span of life for them and ultimately perished for them. It was indeed befitting that some former Chief Ministers of Rajasthan raised his memorial and unveiled his statue. The real epitaph of his memory would be to follow his teachings with strict adherence+a cause fer which he staked his all. I wish you success in your noble mission.

शेखावाटी के गांधी अमरशहीद करणीराम, भाग-II, पृष्ठांत-7

अनुक्रमणिका पर वापस जावें