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General Sher Singh Attariwalla, was a famous royal General|military commander and a member of the Attariwalla Jat nobility during the period of the Sikh Empire in the mid-19th century in Punjab.

He commanded the Sikh Khalsa army in the Second Anglo-Sikh War against the British East India Company. His father was General Chattar Singh Attariwalla. General Sher Singh and the army, under his command, gave a devastating blow to the British Army at Chillianwala. Under his command the Sikh Khalsa Army fought and defeated the British Army at the Battle of Chillianwala to a stand still (result sikh victory)[1]. It was one of the hardest fought battles in the British Indian Army's history. The loss of British prestige at Chillianwala was one of the factors, which contributed to the breaking up of Indian First War of independence erroneously labelled as Sepoy Mutiny by the British authors some nine years later.

Within the British Army, such was the consternation over the events at Chillianwalah that, after the disastrous Charge of the Light Brigade, when Lord Lucan remarked "This is a most serious matter", General Airey replied, "It is nothing to Chillianwalah."

With the establishment of British control Sher Singh Attariwalla was forced him into exile, out of Punjab, fearing such powerful leader could reignite a full scale war with them. He died in exile at Benares in 1858.

राजा शेरसिंह

सिख इतिहास में जब हम हजारा के जाट नरेश राजा शेरसिंह का हाल पढ़ते हैं तो अनायास पौरुष याद आ जाता है। जिसने अंग्रेज जनरल की दाहिनी ओर खड़े होकर के अंग्रेज अफसर के यह कहने पर कि यदि आपको छोड़ दिया जाए? तो यह स्पष्ट कहा था कि

   “मैं अपनी मातृ-भूमि की रक्षा के लिए भी वही करुंगा जो अब किया है?” 

राजा शेरसिंह पौरुष का दूसरा रूप दिखाई देता है। [1]

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