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Sirsalgarh (सिरसलगढ़) is a Jat Village of Ujjwal gotra in Desh-khap in district Bagpat of Uttar Pradesh.


SirsalGarh is one of the village of district Bagpat in Uttar Pradesh. The village is Located 25 km. in East of bank of river Yamuna at 29.096527’ North Latitude and 77.40263’ East Longitude. It is 40 KM from Meerut City and 20 km. from Bagpat. In the East of this village a small town Barnawa famous from the ancient time of Mahabharata for the burning of Laksha-grah. Pincode- 250645.

The Founders


SirsalGarh is a small village in Bagpat district, Uttar Pradesh, India, famous for its Garh, a hill of soil created due to earthquake a century before.

Jat Gotras


This village has 920 houses and a population of 6,397. Number of Households: 920. Total Persons: 6,397 (Males: 3,383 & Females: 3,014)

Notable Persons

  • Anil kumar Ujjwal

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