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Sohan (सोहन) is a gotra of Jats.[1] [2]



H.A. Rose[3] while describing Janjuas mentions them near Sohan. Another pedigree[4] makes them (Janjuas) descendants of Jaipal who opposed Mahmud of Ghazni at Nandana 900 years ago. Babar certainly describes them as rulers, from old times, of the Salt Range hills and of the tract between Nilab and Bhera. He also describes Malik Hast, Janjua, as hakim of the ils and uluses in the neighbourhood of the Sohan. As rulers the Jud and Janjuha ruled according to fixed customs, not arbitrarily, realizing a shah-rukhi (2-1/2 rupees) yearly on every head of cattle and seven shah-rukhis on a marriage. Shah Rukh was a son of Timur and succeeded to his father's empire in 1404-05, A. D. The fact that his coins were in use among the Janjua points either to their having been tributary to him or to the inclusion of the Salt Range in his dominions. The latter conclusion is the more probable.



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