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Soop (सूप) is a Jat village in Tomar gotra Desh Khap in district Bagpat in Uttar Pradesh.


Soop village has got its own Nyaya panchayat. Basoli, Mukandpur Baraut, Sherpur, Soop Rajpur and Sonti gram panchayat are under the Soop Rajpur Nyaya panchayt.

Soop has nearby villages like Kishanpur, Baral, Ramala, Kirthal, Loomb, Budpur Silana, Sherpur, Luhara, Barwala and Kasimpur Kheri.

Kasimpur Kheri (KPKI) is the nearest railway station. Nearest town is Chhaprauli and Baraut City.

Social activities

Soop Village Yuva Gram Samiti organises a big free eye health camp on every second sunday of the every month at Gram Panchayt Secretate near Shivalaya under the coordination of Sanjeev Tomar. It is sponsored by ADK Super Eye Specialist hospital, New Delhi.

Jat Gotras


It is big and historical village, and it is known as the Musclemen's village (लठैतों का गाँव) Soop Rajpur. It have four patties which are known known by the area of nearby famous villages of 84 Desh Khap. The four patties are:

  • Biral
  • Kheri
  • Budhpur
  • Matri

Famous poet Pandit Sheeshram wrote about Soop village, as follows:

प्रथम मैं गणेश मनाऊं ।
सूप गांव की चोपी गाऊ ।।
जिसका पार लगावे बेड़ा ।।।
सूप गांव जाटों का खेड़ा।।।।


At present, Mrs. Puja Tomar is the Sarpanch (head of the village) of this village.


Population of Soop according to Census 2011, stood at 6343 (Males: 3570, Females: 2773).[2]

Notable persons

  • Dr Hari Singh Nalwa - Dr. Hari Singh Nalwa is the President/CEO of American Scientific Publishers.
  • Davender Singh Tomar Soop (Bagpat), Martyr of Kargil war belongs 17th Jat Regiment
  • Dr.Om Singh Tomar - Director NDRI Karnal and IVRI Izzat nagar, Bareily.
  • Maghan Singh Tomar - Ex Director MCD.
  • Satbir Singh Tomar - Cabinat Finance Secretary UP Govt.
  • Dheeraj Singh Tomar - Sr. PPS UP Police.
  • Anurag Tomar - Chief Editor Zee news and Times Now.
  • Rajeev Kumar Tomar Soop - Facade Consultant. Rajeev Tomar is very famous façade expert in construction industry for high-rise commercial/residential buildings in Delhi NCR.
  • Omprakash Tomar - BRIGADIER Indian Army.
  • Mangeram Tomar - Colonel IN INDIAN ARMY.
  • Parvesh Tomar Asia Champion in 2018 and World Champion 2019 Shotput game as a International Player of Indian team.
  • Dr Kulvir Tomar PHD, Scientist in NDRI Karnal.
  • Dr Kanwarpal Singh Tomar NDRI Karnal
  • Dr Savita Tomar PHD Economist. CCS, Meerut
  • Dr Sudhir Tomar Homiyopaithi Consultant.
  • Ghamandi Singh Tomar Freedom Fighter.
  • Brahma Singh Tomar (Brave Soldier of World War 2 ( The Star, The Burma Star, War Medal, Special Service Medal) He had international driving licence holder also issued from. UK.
  • Mahender Singh Dy. Director DDA.
  • Pradhan Braj pal Singh Tomar Member Disst Board.
  • Sanjiv Tomar Member Disst Board.
  • Ajay Tomar Engineer Australia.
  • Prof. Surender Singh, Head of physical education and sports in Jat College Baraut- given 200+ national and international players.
  • Dr. Akshay Chaudhary PHD and Research fellow and Teacher.
  • Yeshwi Tomar- qualified 7th rank in IIT Mumbai.
  • Chaudhary Surajmal- Famous Arya Samaj scholar
  • Pitam Singh- Brave Soldier, injured in world War 2 and live with 2 stomach whole life. Awarded by The Star and War medal.
  • Rahul Tomar- Singer and Actor

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