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Author:Laxman Burdak, IFS (R)

Srikakulam district map

Srikakulam is a city and the headquarters of Srikakulam district in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh.


The city was known as Chicacole before Indian Independence.[1]



Evidence of early historic man and his activities during the Stone Age and Iron Age have been discovered at Sangamayya Konda and Dannanapeta. The speciality of Dannanapeta Iron Age megalithic site is a large single capstone as a dolmen with 36 ft in length and 14 ft in width and 2 ft thickness. Sailada Hills consists of 36 upright rocks and natural caves used for habitation by Iron Age man in Amudalavalasa mandal of the district.[2]

Evidences of Jain monuments and Buddhist remnants were discovered near Sangamayya Konda. Jain rock beds were discovered at Dannanapeta near Amudalavalasa in the district. Salihundam is a famous Buddhist remnants site on the south bank of River Vamsadhara 5 km west of Kalingapatnam and 18 km from Srikakulam town.[3]

नागावती नदी

नागावती नदी (AS, p.491) दक्षिण कलिंग की एक नदी है। इसे 'लांगुलीय' नाम से भी जाना जाता हैं। यह नदी कलिंगपटम् और चिकाकोल के निकट बहती है। (दे. बी.सी. लॉ- 'सम जैन केनानिकल सूत्राज़', पृष्ठ 146)[4]

लांगुलिनी नदी

लांगुलिनी (AS, p.815): कलिंग उड़ीसा की एक छोटी नदी है जो ऋषिकुल्या के दक्षिण में बहती हुई बंगाल की खड़ी में, चिकाकोल के नीचे गिरती है. इसे आजकल लांगुलीया कहते हैं. [5]

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