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Subedar Chuna Ram Fageria, MVC

The unstoppable Subedar Chuna Ram Fageria (b.1923 - d.31 May 1995) (सूबेदार चुनाराम फगेडिया) was the first winner of Mahavir Chakra in 1948 in Indo-Pak war.[1] He was born in Village Dalmas Ki Dhani in Laxmangarh tahsil in Dist- Sikar in year 1923. He was a wrestler.

Mahavir Chakra Award

Mahavir chakra.gif.jpg

SUB- Chuna Ram Fageria MVC (JCO 15110) was awarded MVC on June 15,1948 For Capturing of PT 5460 During J & K Operations of Link up with Poonch & Raujori

In June 1948 a company of 2 Rajputana Rifles was ordered to dislodge the enemy from the hills overlooking the Rajouri-Thana Mandi Road, in Kashmir.

Havildar Chuna Ram, Commander of the reserve platoon of the company was asked to silence the guns on the spur. The havildar moved up with two sections of his platoon. When they neared the objective, the enemy lobbed hand grenades at them, but, that could not stop Chuna Ram. He charged the enemy post with a sten gun. He killed two and wounded three enemy soldiers and silenced the guns. Then bleeding profusely from his wounds, he fell down, the life ebbing from his body.

Havildar Chuna Ram was awarded Mahavir Chakra for gallantry and leadership of a very high order. [2]

Unit – Rajputana Rifles (Raj. Rif. Regt. Centre. Delhi. Cantt.)

  • Date of Enrollment 29-12-1940,
  • Date of Discharge 29-12-1968


  • Brothers – Hardeva Ram, Khuma Ram, Kheta Ram, Pokhar Mal, Chuna Ram (Himself)
  • Sisters – Kasturi, Parmeshawari, Chhoti, Anchi, Kanchan,
  • MVC’S Sons- Puranmal, Ramratan, Hanuman, Rajendra Prasad,
  • Father’s Name Biru Ram Fageria
  • Mother’s Name Kisani Devi
  • Wife’s Name Chandari Devi

Medals and Awards

Subedar Chuna Ram Fageria received the following medals for his meritorious service in the Indian Army:

  • Star Medal,
  • War Medal,
  • Indian Service Medal,
  • Independence Medal,
  • Burma Star,
  • Mahavir Chakra,
  • Raksha Medal,
  • Sauray Seva Medal,
  • General Seva Medal.

War Service

War Service-

  • J & K 8-2-1948 to 27-8-1948
  • J & K 6-11-1953 to 7-7-1954; 3-12-1954 to 2-2-1955
  • Concessional Area 19-7-1951 to 4-10-1951; 4-12-1951 to 8-3-1952

What a tragedy ?

Such a brave hero, about whom army records say unstoppable and large number of awards and medals of bravery to his credit, has no mention in any of records except a website [3] which says Havildar Chuna Ram was awarded Mahavir Chakra posthumously for gallantry and leadership of a very high order.

I contacted Mansukh Ranwa from Sikar who went to his village Dalmas in Sikar district and collected photo and some details. These have been provided here. Munsukh Ranwa has sent me information that the hero Chua Ram died on 31 May 1995 and was cremated like an ordinary person without any army honour entitled by the receipants of MVC.

Author लेखक: Laxman Burdak लक्ष्मण बुरड़क


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