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Suigam or Sui Bah is village in Vav Tahsil in Banas Kantha district in Gujarat.


The founders

Jat Gotras


James Tod[1] writes that The principal towns in the Chauhan raj in Indian desert were Suigam, Dharanidhar,1 Bakhasar, Tharad, Hotiganv, and Chitalwana. Rana Narayan Rao resides alternately at Sui and Bah, both large towns surrounded by an abbatis, chiefly of the babul and other thorny trees, called in these regions kantha-ka-kot, which has given these simple, but very [306] efficient fortifications the term of kantha-ka-kot, or ' fort of thorns.' The resources of Narayan Rao, derived from this desert domain, are said to be three lakhs of rupees, of which he pays a triennial tribute of one lakh to Jodhpur, to which no right exists, and which is rarely realized without an army. The tracts watered by the Luni yield good crops of the richer grains ; and although, in the dry season, there is no constant stream, plenty of sweet water is procured by excavating wells in its bed. But it is asserted that, even when not continuous, a gentle current is perceptible in those detached portions or pools, filtrating under the porous sand : a pheno-

1 Dharanidhar, the Kurma or tortoise, ' supporter of the earth,' the second incarnation of Vishnu. At Dhema in Tharad a fair is held in honour of Dharanidharji (BG, v. 300, 342).]

[p.1278]: menon remarked in the bed of the Kunwari River (in the district of Gwalior), where, after a perfectly dry space of several miles, we have observed in the next portion of water a very perceptible current.

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