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Ch. Surender Singh

Chaudhary Surender Singh (Legha) (b: July 25, 1946, d: 31 March 2005) was a politician from Haryana. He was son of Chaudhary Bansi Lal and Vidya Devi. Surender is husband of Kiran Choudhry and father of Shruti Chaudary.

He was educated at Chandigarh (Panjab University) where he completed his M.A. and L.L.B.

During 1970s, he was an active member of Indian Youth Congress. During 1977-1986, he was an MLA of Haryana Vidhan Sabha. From 1986-1992 he was a member of Rajya Sabha.

In 1996, he was elected to 11th Lok Sabha and again, in 1998, was re-elected to 12th Lok Sabha, on Haryana Vikas Party ticket.

He was also a member of Rajya Sabha (2-8-1986 to 1-8-1992)

Bio data at Rajya Sabha website

The short bio data is available at the following link:

SINGH, SHRI SURENDER M.A.,LL.B.; Congress(I)(Haryana); s.of Shri Bansi Lal; b. July 25, 1946; m. Shrimati Kiran, 1 d.;
Member, Haryana Vidhan Sabha,1977-86; Minister, Government of Haryana, 1982-83; Member,Rajya Sabha, 2-8-1986 to 1-8-1992.
Per. Add. : 187, Vijay Nagar Colony, Bhiwani (Haryana).


on 31 March 2005, Surender Singh, aged 59, lost his life, along with noted industrialist Om Prakash Jindal, in a chopper crash during an emergency landing in Saharanpur.

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