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Patti Taja or Taja Patti (ताजापट्टी) is a village of Abohar tahsil in Firozpur district in Punjab.


Taja Ram Sihag founded in about 1895 AD.


Jat Gotras


The village has probably around 120 year long history. The name of village patti taja because the first person came on this village was Taja Ram Sihag. This village inhabited by Taja Ram Sihag probably around over a century ago. His four sons succeeded Taja Ram sihag. His four sons were Amrru Sihag, Chetan Sihag, Karm Sihag and Bhagwan Sihag. The all Sihags of Taja patti are descendants of these four persons.

Sihags are in majority in this village. Other migrated jat gotras are Punia, Saharan and Tarad.



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