Battle of Jajau

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The Battle of Jajau was fought in 1707. Jajau is a village in Kheragarh tahsil of Agra district in Uttar Pradesh.

The Battle of Jajau and rise of Churaman

Aurangzeb died in 1707. Taking advantage of the weakness of Mughal rule Churaman planned to expand his state. His rise started from the battle of Jajau in 1707. After the war was over he looted both armies of Azam as well as Muazzam. Churaman showed wisdom and decided to be honest to the New Mughal ruler with a view to protect huge wealth of booty, he appeared before Bahadurshah on 15 September 1707 and presented gifts in his honour.

In January 1709 Churaman entered into an agreement with Jai Singh, looking to the possibilities of victory of Rajputs in the battles of Sambhar and Kaman and Bahadurshah’s intention to arrive at compromise with them. Under the garb of agreement Churaman intensified his campaign to abolish Rajput Zamindaris and capturing back the Jat areas occupied by Kachwahas. He succeeded in getting back Sogar, Bhusawar, Kaman, Khohari, Kot, Khunthare, Ithera, Jadila and Chaugdara.

In 1710 Churaman joined Bahdurshah in his campaign against Sikhs. He took part in the battles of Sadhaura and Lohagarh and went up to Lahore with Bahadurshah. Then Churaman was excused unconditionally and he returned to his old Mansab.

After the death of Bahadurshah his son Jahandarshah became the successor. In 1713 when there was a war between Jahandarshah and Farrukhsiyar, Churaman looted both during the course of this succession war. This way he got a lot of wealth in booty. Similarly he captured elephants of the Royal army during the battle of Hasanpur.


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