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Location of Village Thethalia in Sikar district

Thethalia (थेथलिया) or Thethaliya is a village in Fatehpur tehsil in Sikar district in Rajasthan. It gets its name from Sanskrit words theh (थेह) (burnt place or signs of old habitation) and thal (थल) (place). It was burnt due to fires many times in the past.


Rosa Jats


Oral tradition tells us that the Barjati Jats earlier were known as Rosa, who came from Panipat and settled at village Rosawa in Sikar district. Their population was not increasing but going down. They decided to change their clan to Barjati and left Rosawan village about 200 years back and settled at village Thethalia.

Jat gotras in this village

It is the main village of Barjati gotra. There are 300 families of Barjati gotra Jats dwelling in the village. The Jat gotras living in this village with number of families are :

Other castes in the village are Balai (40), Kumhar (3), Brahman (4), Bhat (20), Natia (4) and Khati (8).


As per Census-2011 statistics, Thethaliya village has the total population of 1917 (of which 927 are males while 990 are females).[1]

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