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Tikri (टीकरी) is a village of Rana Gotra in tahsil Baraut of District Bagpat in Uttar Pradesh. It is the main village of Chaugama.

Chaugama Khap

Chaugama (चौगामा) is a group of 40 villages of Rana Gotra in Distict Bagpat in Uttar Pradesh. Jat Gotra Rana. The main villages of the khap are: Doghat (दोघट), Daha (दाहा). This khap played an important role in vikram samvat 1455. A Sarva Khap was invited to fight against Timur. Dev Pal Rana was the commander of the army formed by the Maha Panchayat. [1] (See more at - Timur)

Jat Gotras


Dr Girish Chandra Dwivedi[2] writes....Probably not many agricultural communities possessed obstinate courage, indomitable spirit, heroic valour and tribal unity of the Jats which were needed to transfer a deep resentment into a military resistance. The Jats had been a race of warrior agriculturists. A close look into their past reveals that they were as keen to promote agriculture as to manufacture good arms and to receive military training.44 They highly disapproved of the enhanced revenue, the levying of "harmful taxes" and "looting by government tax collectors". They were prone to opposing such things and other oppressions even by force, if the occasion demanded.45 This may explain better why in face of similar provocations other weak agricultural communities remained more or less inactive while the Jat peasants unsheathed their swords.

44. See the decision of the Federal Council meeting (held on 10th Asarh, 1256 VS., under the presidentship of Hari Pal Rana at Tikri) of the Jats of the Upper Doab, in Kanha Ram (Hindi Ms.), 7.

45. See council decisions dated 1256 VS. (Tikri), 1344 VS. (Sikarpur), 1383 VS. (Sisauli) and 1547 VS. (Baraut), in Kanha Ram (Hindi Ms.), 7, 10-12, 14.

दलीप सिंह अहलावत

दलीप सिंह अहलावत[3] लिखते हैं - तैमूर लंग ने मार्च सन् 1398 ई० में भारत पर 92000 घुड़सवारों की सेना से तूफानी आक्रमण कर दिया। तैमूर के सार्वजनिक कत्लेआम, लूट खसोट और सर्वनाशी अत्याचारों की सूचना मिलने पर संवत् 1455 (सन् 1398 ई०) कार्तिक बदी 5 को देवपाल राजा (जिसका जन्म निरपड़ा गांव जि० मेरठ में एक जाट घराने में हुआ था) की अध्यक्षता में हरयाणा सर्वखाप पंचायत का अधिवेशन जि० मेरठ के गाँव टीकरी, निरपड़ा, दोगट और दाहा के मध्य जंगलों में हुआ।

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